SBGS CORNWALL meet on the last Wednesday of the month at All Saints Church, Highertown, Truro. Starts at 7:00pm and finish at 9:00pm. All are most welcome to join us.... if you would like or if you can please telephone Kate on 07952410637. The meetings are very informal, just the normal group ground rules regarding confidentiality. Nothing is expected of anyone, share as little or as much as you want, no-one is there to judge anyone. It would be nice to meet with you. 

Each meeting can be very different from the last. It is led by the attendees. Some weeks, it maybe that someone needs support, whilst another maybe a time to remember the good times. We are not, as some believe, just keeping going over the tragic issues of a lost one, but we share with each other our knowledge. Some people stay for a short time and then return after a time. Whilst others have been with the group for a long time and still find new experiences from others in the group.

Is there any ending to the pain? Maybe not (though some feel there is), but it is proven, the pain can be eased by learning how to live with it. At sometime, this can vary with each person, we realise we need to go on with our life. Our loved one would not wanted us to stop at the same time. SBSG hope you will find the support that help you to do that. We are here for each other and to help make the journey a little less painful.


Remember many members of your family and friends (also friends of your lost one) will also be in terrible pain, please let them know about us. Also many people who you thought were close to you, may give you a wide berth, this isn't normally because they don't care, but because they don't know what to say.


With LOVE and compassion from the Suicide Bereavement Support Group Cornwall.




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